Monday, July 8th 2010 11:00 pm PST
       by Arlyn Pillay
     ANIME EXPO 2010, - OGREshop at the Anime Expo 2010

      Anime Expo 2010 was a blast. I've never seen a larger Artist Alley at any event before. :-) There were also    some amazing costumes! Some of them I didn't know which cartoon the characters came from but they sure    looked awesome. Great job to those who dressed up this year. This was my first time participating in the    Artist Alley at the anime expo and I'll for sure be back next year.

      Next OGREshop will be at the world famous Comic-Con in the San Diego Convention Center. OGREshop's    booth number will be : #1533. All of the Tickets have already been sold out unfortunately so to those who    have bought their tickets early, I'll see you guys there. OGRE and out ~(^_^)~

  Monday, June 27th 2010 5:40 pm PST
       by Arlyn Pillay

     ANIME EXPO 2010, - OGREshop in the Artist Alley table space # A36

           Wednesday, June 17th 2010 2:28 am PST
          by Arlyn Pillay

       Buttons, Greeting Cards, stickers,


           Wednesday, April 21st 2010 2:03 am PST
          by Arlyn Pillay

       Smack, Zonk, KAPOW!!!


I'm finally getting a chance to write a little bit about my travels to the Tempe Festival of the Arts, the Wonder-Con in San Francisco and finally the Anaheim Wizard Comic Con.

This month I was jam packed with tons of work to do but everything seemed to work out just right. I think I can finally catch up on some sleep from all the late nights preparing for these shows and triple checking that I didn't forget anything.

The Tempe Festival of the Arts was quite an experience. It was my first time participating in the show. I left my studio at about 1am and was headed towards Tempe (a 5 1/2 hour drive) and then started setting up the OGREshop booth at about 6:30am in the morning.

It was going to be a three day show, Friday-Sunday. I didn't get a chance to check the weather which ended up being quite breezy. I think i spent half the time in the booth holding down the OGREshop booth from blowing away LOL. It was a successful show and I got some great new ideas from some fans as well.

I met some cool people and I really enjoyed my first time in Tempe. I'm sure I'll be back to attend the next show which is in December. I'll keep you posted on the dates for the next show. :-)

I Signed Posters for some of my awesome OGREshop customers at the Tempe Festival of the Arts.

Wizard Con was packed with celebrities and Cosplay fans. The people here are super cool and i met and made some new friends
The Bloody best Zombie Girls I've ever seen. Their make-up was waaay amazing and so real. I thought I was going to be dinner for sure . . . gulp. (O_O)!

This guy looked like he jumped right out of the movie and into the OGREshop booth ;-).

Well I'd never thought I'd be standing beside Mr. Darth Vader himself. I could even hear the working breathing FX system that he is famous for having, totally cool.

I was also shocked that the original BATGIRL from the 60's live action Batman show came to the OGREshop booth with her sister! How cool is that! I wish I had taken a picture with her but I think I kinda froze when I realized her sister was introducing her to me.

GREAT SCOTT!!!. . . .The Back to the Future Delorean! This is totally my dream car. I've loved the movie series since childhood and I can watch it any time over and over again. What a classic movie and the coolest time machine that ever existed. Standing that close to it was a super rush.

artist Arlyn Pillay, creator of OGREshop