Monday, August 16th 2010 9:30 am PST
       by Arlyn Pillay
     T4 Dancing Crew with OGREshop style at the Shark Club     
     Comic Con 2010
     Frank and Sons new space (#405)
     Redondo Beach

      This past month has been filled with places to go, things to build, and nice people to work       with. The San Diego Comic Con was very exciting and filled with dressed up fans,       amazing artists, actors, comedians, video games, comics, fine art, sculptures and much       more. Setting up the OGREshop booth was a challenge but everything seemed to fit into       place before the show started. Everyone was very nice at the convention and I could'nt       ask for a better experience. I got a chance to meet other amazing artists whom I've admired       since i was a young kid. The creator of earthworm Jim was there and the creator of Disneys       Lilo and stitch.

   T4 Dancing Crew with OGREshop style at the Shark Club
    It was a wonderful experience to work with such great, young, and talented guys from the     dance crew "T4." With all their hard work, they put together a spectacular show at the     Shark club in Costa Mesa. Here's a youtube video on their amazing performance. Check it     out! :-)


    Here are the guys getting ready to walk on     stage for the performance of the night! :-)
    Comic Con 2010
      I had the honor of standing by the awesome Chris Sanders, the creator of Lilo and Stich

     I got a chance to take a quick pic with a deadly character from the movie "Kill Bill" She's      the Japanese girl with the giant metal spiked ball, the film was directed by Quentin      Tarantino.

   LOOK!, it's Jack Skellington's Girlfriend Sally    from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"


    LOOK!, it's Vash the anime character who     fights for Love & Peace.

    Here's the sign I saw as I found the booth before I started setting up. It was really cool     seeing it and knowing that OGREshop was finally at Comic-con. After waiting 5 years for a     space at Comic-con and attending the show ever since I was 12 years old with my parents     it was a great feeling :-)


    To make things even better, OGREshop was right next to the "PEANUTS" booth, how cool     is that?!


    I saw some impressive art on the side of this building as I was passing by while I was on     the streets of San Diego for Comic-con 2010.

   Frank and Sons new OGREshop space! (#405)

     Here's a quick snapshot of the space that OGREshop will be moving into within "Frank and      Sons" the space number is #405. It's pretty spacious at 10 x 20 feet, I'll post more pics of      the space as it develops. Here is the address for Frank and Sons collectable art show.

 Frank & Son's is located at 19649 San Jose Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91748

: 3pm-9pm
SAT: 9am-5pm


    So far for the development of the new OGREshop space I'm building these large 4 x 10 foot panels. You can see one of them in the picture to the left behind the ladder. I'll be making quite a few of them, about 11 of them. They sure weight a lot, whew. I'm planning for them to all connect together to form a large gallery-like space. It's coming along great. I can't wait until it all comes together.
    Redondo Beach Festival      
            Table top display at the Redondo Beach festival on a wonderful sunny day :-)



     Hello :-)

    OGREshop space at the Redondo Beach     Festival


artist Arlyn Pillay, creator of OGREshop