Arlyn Pillay (born October 12, 1981 in Durban, South Africa) is a Painter, illustrator, printmaker, sculptor, ceramicist, musician, writer, and entrepreneur. He is the creator of

Early Years

    Arlyn grew up in Durban, South Africa, and moved to America with his family at the age of 9. He spent most of his life in Irvine, California and graduated from high school in 1999. After graduating from Irvine High School he attended Cal State Fullerton for one year and then transferred to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He majored in illustration with a concentration as a gallery artist. With a disciplined work ethic, he won many scholarships at Art Center that earned him a full scholarship towards his tuition. In the summer of 2003, Arlyn graduated from Art Center and then began to teach art at a local private art school as well as work on various freelance projects for companies and participate in group art gallery exhibitions. After working with a number of galleries he realized there were artistic limitations enforced. Unhappy with the way most galleries conducted business and unsure of how to effectively bring attention to his art work, Arlyn began to brainstorm, trying to find an answer to this dilemma. Soon he realized that a place was needed for his work. He needed an alternative and intimate space where people from around the world could view, purchase, and experiences his creations the way he envisioned. It needed to be a place that an artist had control over his creations, a place where he could totally and completely express himself without any limitations or restrictions, and so was born.

Artist themes and style

    Arlyn started to draw at three years old when his Mom gave him his first box of crayons. His mother Gloria studied art in college and had many art supplies around the house. They were always available for Arlyn and his brother Nolan to draw their favorite cartoon characters on TV. Growing up during the 1980’s Arlyn watched lots of cartoons and movies, and played numerous video games which inspire him to this day. From small drawings in his sketchbook to giant nine foot oil paintings in his studio, the size of Arlyn’s art piece’s vary greatly. His style of art also ranges greatly, from highly realistic portraits, cartoony whimsical cute characters, and abstract distorted shapes fused together with broad brush strokes of brightly splashed colors. Many people mistake Arlyn’s work as being created by several different artists. When they see his art for the first time they usually ask “Who are all these artists?”

    Arlyn says the reason for the word “OGRE” in OGREshop is because it is the one word that he feels represents the beginnings of his artist’s soul. At a young age he always drew Ogres and other monsters because they were so interesting to him and there seemed to be no end to their possibilities. An OGRE is a popular creature from folklore and fairytales. It’s usually depicted as an odd creature that has some human characteristics but is quite different, unique, and distorted. Arlyn felt the OGRE in many ways, symbolically reflects his style and philosophy of bending and distorting strict foundation, allowing the freedom that he strives for in the process of creating his art. Humans were always quite boring to draw and also restricting in their structure and so Arlyn gravitated towards drawing things of a more imaginative and whimsical sense. Arlyn says “A human has two arms and two legs but a creature from another world could have four arms, six legs, or even twenty eyes, you decide, now how cool is that?”


    After graduating from Art center in 2003 and not favoring the gallery scene, Arlyn researched and looked into different avenues to bring his art to the public. He learned web design through taking a few classes at Irvine Valley College and constructed He heard of the Orange County Marketplace (OCMP) in Costa Mesa which wasn’t too far from Irvine and decided to rent a space there. The OCMP was an outdoor venue where many vendors sold their products to the public. Arlyn was an independent artist at the time and his budget to start OGREshop was very tight. The OCMP was very affordable and seemed like a promising place to start. For the next 6 years Arlyn sold his creations every Saturday and Sunday at the OCMP and built a growing fan base locally as well as internationally through

     Today Arlyn sells his work through and attends Comic-conventions and juried art shows throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. OGREshop is also stationed at the famous “Frank and Sons Collectable Show” (booth space#: 405) located in the City of Industry, California. There are also a growing number of select stores that sell Arlyn’s art; Addresses and info can be found at  This is where he debuts his newest art pieces which are made into collectible items for everyone to enjoy. His popular artistic t-shirts are worn and collect by fans all over the world and are all made one at a time in his studio. Arlyn traditionally hand-screen prints each one himself with close attention to quality and detail. Other items fused with Arlyns art range from Fine art limited edition prints, tote bags, posters, stickers, button pins, neck ties, sport coat blazers, skateboard decks, bookmarks, and greeting cards. People continue to be fascinated by Arlyn’s work and collect his loveable creations from his website



Arlyn Pillay in his studio, creating his famous OGRE shop artwork.

OGRE SHOP is a place that was discovered in the mind of a young artist by the name of Arlyn Pillay. The emotional content of each of his artistic inceptions are extracted from his childhood imaginations, life experiences, and deeply rooted emotions. All of them share their origins of being meticulously hand-drawn by Arlyn with a mind set characterized by patience, persistence, personality, and passion.

“Ogres were a childhood fascination or mine, says Pillay. I believe they were the first things I related to in movies and cartoons that opened the doors in my mind to places that were surreal and imaginative. I love to create and to share my creations with people, for there are so many things I have in my head. And so I started OGRE SHOP, a place where people can visit and experience my creations”.

From the mind of Arlyn Pillay comes these two little cute characters living in outerspace.

Drawing in his sketchbook, the artist fine tunes the next creation for OGREshop.


Wherever he goes you’ll always see artist Arlyn Pillay with his two most essential instruments of composition: his sketchbook and pencil. Within the pages of his sketchbook you’ll find an unusually astonishing world filled with fascinating imagery. Doodles of whimsical creatures, superbly detail patterns, elegant flowing lines, seamless air light gradations, and dense realistic renderings, all of which seem to fuse together harmoniously


“My work is an undefined and constantly evolving emotional expression. It comes deep from within my spirit where the emotional content flows freely through my touch”.

He focuses all his attention on the overall composition and the fine details of the art work. Doing so, elevates and builds it's character.

The "X-Pirate", is one of Arlyn Pillay's most loved creations by his OGREshop fans.



“Part of my inspiration to create is driven by people that see, connect, and react to my work. Their feelings help me develop as an artist and their excitement fuels my desire to continue to create. And so, when I sit down to draw I am stimulated by determination and encouragement, for they both embrace me with the feeling that my artistic soul is evolving”.

Through OGRE SHOP, Arlyn Pillay passionately shares his unique whimsical creations with people around the world. They can be purchased and collected at as well as found in a growing number of artistic boutiques, stores, and galleries.

Here Arlyn Pillay adds details to one of his large oil paintings, titled "TIME"

Arlyn Pillay always reminds himself to strive for excellence, quality, uniqueness, and originality.
He has many awards and honors from fine art gallery showings, competitions, and scholastic achievements. He is also featured in newspapers, magazines, independent short films, and the world wide web.
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